Born in 1952, Dominique Mulhem is a French artist from Neuilly-sur-Seine. He developed a sequence of amazing concepts; analysis, actualization, continuation, reinterpretation which facilitates the propagation of Art history. 

This artist subjects the work of art to an infinite spectrum of temporal and spatial changes; into a three-dimensional space between past and future; “HoloPainting”. 

Each decade is an occasion for Dominique Mulhem to reinvent his understanding of the world. With the use of scarifications, we get a glance at aspects of our society in relation with mass produced or standardised objects. The artworks shown in Scarifications enhance our secret desire to transmute ourselves and see beyond the paintings and beyond the representations of social markings whether ethnic, tribal or postmodern; these cuts on the fabric/skin of paintings belong to the world of art because they open up a new space, an air hole which allows us to breathe again. 

We can see that the driving force behind all of Dominique Mulhem's paintings is the principle of simultaneous vision.

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